Mind Magick Spiritual Coaching

Shifting Your Thoughts From Fearful To Successful

Our 2014 Femi Defined workshops will begin Wednesday, April 9th @ 7 p.m. This year our focus is on "Self-Awareness & Prosperity". Prosperity stems from self worth and self value which are strengthened by our self awareness. Self awareness is the process of learning to see yourself as an individual rather than a mother, wife, daughter, religious follower or job title. Self awareness means being in tune with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, motivations, strengths and weakness. By not being connected and aware of self, we subconsciously block out our prosperity. Prosperity is not limited to finances... it deals with our health, wellness and happiness.

Join Us Each Wednesday @ 7 p.m:

Trinity United Methodist Church

112 Wilson Ave.

Stockbridge, GA 30281

Workshop Fees: A commitment and dedication to your personal growth. Donations are always accepted, but not required.