Mind Magick Spiritual Coaching

Shifting Your Thoughts From Fearful To Successful

Reiki Magick Session
A combination of Reiki, sound therapy, crystal healing and spiritual readings guaranteed to promote relaxation, increase clarity of the mind and de-stress the body and spirit. Each session is 60 minutes and includes follow up assignments, self care and guidance. Choose 1 of our 3 Reiki Magick sessions best suited for you.

*Rose Quartz Package

Increases self love, identifying needs in relationships, setting boundaries, etc.

*Amethyst Package
Increases clarity of desires, identifies purpose, confirms gifts/talent, assists in creating your own path in life, etc.

*Citrine Package
Increases prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit. Assists with job promotion, attracting new opportunities, learning to use your gifts/talents to improve your finances, etc.

Women's Healing & Releasing Reiki

As women, it seems we carry the world on our shoulders. We are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, teachers, healers and devotees of Spirit. Many times we give too much of ourselves as a token of our love and appreciation only to meet resentment, sorrow and pain later down the road. We've learned to mask our pain with aggression and bitterness. Sadly many of us are suffering from the "Bitch Syndrome". Our unexpressed anger leads to many dis-eases and illnesses of the body ranging from obesity, high blood pressure, breast cancer and heart disease. The Women's Healing & Releasing sessions are a combination of Reiki, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing and coaching. During these sessions we uncover energy blocks in the body that limit our spiritual growth, interfere with our divine purpose and lowers our self awareness. Each session includes a journal exercise and spiritual ritual to ensure you release all pain, resentment and sorrow with understanding. You will feel more "present", more disciplined, better connected to Spirit and energetic. Each session is empowering as it allows us to release and move forward with life.