Mind Magick Spiritual Coaching

Shifting Your Thoughts From Fearful To Successful

What Is Mind Magick Entrepreneurial Coaching?

A combination of Life, Spiritual and Entrepreneurial Coaching designed to maximize the efforts of those desiring to turn their gifts/talents into profitable business ventures. This program is for the open minded, imaginative and playful inner child in you! All sessions are 60 minutes and include a follow up assignment each week. Our program is personalized to suit your needs and generally takes 6 months to ascend. Call Dina at 202-643-9552 or email to schedule your complimentary 30 minute session to see how the Mind Magick Entrepreneurial Program will benefit you.

The Mind Magick Coaching Program has 3 levels guaranteed to take your life purpose to the next level.

Level 1: Target Practice - Clearing The Path

Level 1 is where you clarify exactly what it is you desire to do, the services you desire to offer and much more! This level is the foundation of your empire.

Level 2: Self Mastery - Defining You
Level 2 is all about your inner magick, selling yourself and your services. Self mastery includes identifying your strengths, your weakness, skills that need to be enhanced and more! This is where you dismiss the competition.

Level 3: Money Magnet - Stepping Out On Purpose
Level 3 focuses on "allowing" prosperity to enter into your life. We will cover branding, opening streams for wealth to flow in, attracting clients energetically and much more!