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Wolf Intuitive Reading for Thursday, September 26, 2013

Posted by [email protected] on September 26, 2013 at 8:20 AM

Peace & blessings family! I know you all feel it coming in the air tonight... the energy this week alone has been EXPLOSIVE! Even nature is experiencing a bit of hot/cold flashes. I've received so many texts and calls, I hear you guys & I am with you.... we gone make it :). The first thing is that you take a moment, right now to sit up straight aligning all of your chakras (energy centers) and inhale slowly. Now exhale just as slowly. I want you to reconnect with your most calm, balanced, abundant, focused self. Time is moving so fast that it seems like we are slipping away from ourselves. It's a rat race to redundancy! Time is showing us just how unsatisfied we truly are, there is a difference between being ungrateful and being unsatisfied. Ungrateful is having all that you desire without recognizing the Source from which it flows, being unsatisfied is you knowing that you are created for greatness yet settling for some chump change. Putting your soul desires aside so that you can stay within your wkly, bi-wkly or monthly pay check comfort zone. 

Let's call this week the "Wheel of Fortune"... this week we are face to face with our own reality. We are watching and experiencing reality television via our own eyes and we are the star of this production. Are you satisfied with what you are watching? Are you anxious to see the next episode or do you have plans on writing the editor? The confusion and all out craziness we are experiencing this week is that of our inner child screaming THIS ISN"T WORKING, THIS IS NOT WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO! LISTEN! We listen to the media, we listen to our parents, we listen to our friends, we listen to strangers, hell we even listen to strangers who aren't even talking to or about us..... question is how often do we listen to ourselves?

Most of us are in dsyfunctional relationships, be it love or socially, just to have something to do. Something other than having to sit down, be quiet and listen to ourselves. We want to go, go, go and go more to avoid the inevitable. This week of "Wheel of Fortune" will not allow you to run, you will spin the wheel, you will face your demons and you will have no choice except to survive. 

Question: Will you use this experience to propel yourself forward, to go within yourself and connect to your soul or will you go through the storm only to continue on your course? This isn't the first shift, nor is it the last. Life gives us the opportunity to select what we desire to do, for those who are undecisiive or willing to submit you will find yourself in this continuous rat race of dissatifaction. Life is a test! Think back to your school days... the test you prepared yourself for were so easy. When you put in work you welcomed test days. Now when you procrastinated, waited until the last minute you arrived at the test site nervous and hoping you'd have multiple choices. That's the Wheel of Fortune! Multiple choices on your test, only thing is that each choice has been selected by you. You are the co-Creator of your life, no one on this earthly plain has more power over your life than you. What you choose to do with that power is up to you! Use your time, your energy and your mind wisely family and remain open/expecting the best.


Lady Dee

Lady Dee is a gifted Intuitive, Wolf Moon Goddess, Empath and Shamanic Practitioner sent to spread happiness and fun in the world. Lady Dee is also hostess of Mind Magick which airs on Culture Freedom Radio each Moonday & Thursday @ 9 p.m EST. Our focus is ensuring that each spiritual being having their human experience 'remembers' their power to be free and utliizes their energy for their Hightest Good. Have questions? Email me at [email protected] and remember the lines of Mind Magick are ALWAYS open at 347-850-8030.

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