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Posted by [email protected] on August 30, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Peace and blessings family :) Tonight's topic was Children, Spirituality and Back to School. The topic was taught was brought to my attention by a dear friend of mne who asked how we as parents can assist our children in developing their spiritual practices without pushing them in a certain direction. Wonderful question Ms. Tori!! During Monday's night edition of Mind Magick I shared ways we parents can do all of the above and more.


  1. Give Your Children Options. This is imperative to the process of 'growing up', children need the opporutnity to make decisions as well as reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of those choices. Its important they children and teens learn to make decisions while still under our influence, this is the time to help them realize other options that could have been explored. For younger children this may be as simple as picking out their clothes for the week and allowing them to make their daily selection. Allow them to decide which comfort sets, pictures and colors they want in their living space. With older chidlren allow them to hone their passions, if they love to draw enroll them in local art classes and fairs. If they love music checkout performing arts schools and programs in your area. Encourage them to chase their passions in life rather than just the money and lifestyle.
  2. Teach them! Share all of your knowledge with your seeds, teach them each skill that you have without forcing them to follow your path. Whether you are a barber, hair stylist, accountant, painter, etc. your seeds should be capable of performing those same skills at least on a basic level. Encourage them to be independent! As difficult as it may be considering the saying that "mother knows best", be sure to share your experiences, good or bad, with your children. Were you a teen parent? Share that experience with your child. Share why you felt you were in love, what you were looking for, how the relationship ended if it did as well as the struggles you faced as a result. Have you faced incarceration? Surved in the military? Share all of these experiences to better equip your seed for life.
  3. Allow them to lead grace, prayer and/or meditation. Don't tell them what to say, don't tell them how to do it. Allow them to be in full control and thank them afterwards for such a beautiful experience. Allow them to do this on a regular basis so they learn their spiritually and spiritual practices revolve around what's best for them as well as what makes them feel most peaceful.
  4. Help them learn to express themselves. Communication is key! Teach them how to express their emotions whether angry, sad or happy, they must be able to communicate what they are feeling with others. This was a struggle of mine as a youth, having so many thoughts and feelings concerning classroom topics yet when I attempted to address them I appeared rude and sarcastic to say the least. Encourage them to speak from their heart in a respectful, calm and open manner.
  5. Encourage them to ask questions. Yes, I said it! Encourage them to ask questions to things they desire to know the answer to. The saying "If you are looking for the answer, then you gotta ask the question". That which doesn't sit well with their spirits should be questioned and as parents its our duty to help them find the answers.
  6. Play games! Make childhood fun for them and teach them to always explore fun throughout life. Teach them to play chess or enroll in classes together at your local community center. If they enjoy cards purchase angel or children tarot cards for them to play with to increase their intuition. Coloring books are fun and stress relieving at any age as well as checkers, monoply and others. Find a game & make it your "thing"! Even as they grow continue to engage in that thing, you'll be amazed at how even as adults they'll be looking forward to the game, time and conversations had during your time together.
Be sure to listen to Children, Spirituality and Back to School on Mind Magick w/ Lady Dee now for more tips to explore with your children. Tune in each Monday & Thursday at 9 p.m EST on Culture Freedom Radio


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