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Productive Pursuits: How To Create a 30 Day Ritual

Posted by [email protected] on August 6, 2013 at 10:20 PM

Peace & blessings family :) The New Leo Moon is upon us reminding us that we are the star of our lives. Yes you, like the Sun, are the center of your Universe. Now is the time to step forward and share your talents, gifts and abilities!

Leo rules our 5th House "House of Pleasures" which includes creativity, fun, romance, kids, self expression, sports, carnivals, glamour, gambling, adventure, theater, drama and excitement. Leo also rules the heart, our heart center is where we create new ideas, inventions and opportunities. 

This Leo New Moon is the most creative moon of the year which is very exciting. Leo is asking us to be bold, be courageous and take chances in a new direction, new friendship and/or new location. 

This month, August which is the 8th month of the year is Ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and the symbol of hardwork. Saturn is also the planet of diligence, self control, limitation, stability, maturity & realism. Saturn is asking are you seeing your projects thru until they are complete? The number 8 is the manager, ambitious, business minded, practical, successful, accomplish, organized and courageous. 8 is also the number of Karma "giving and receiving" or as we must commonly say "reaping what you sow".

With the self-awareness and confidence coming from the Leo, the alignment with Saturn as well as the vibration of the 8th month it only makes sense that we use this time to create a 30 day ritual that will increase our happiness and allow us to connect with our passions. We're talking 8 things for 30 days!! 8 things that you love doing, that bring you pleasure, that give you a sense of accomplishment and that you can see thru until the task is complete.

Now many get nervous upon hearing the word "ritual". We aim to associate the term with all things negative when we all partake in rituals of some form. Think Christmas shopping, parades, wedding & funeral ceremonies, graduations, club meetings, sports events, jury duty & trial and Halloween. 

Rituals focus thought and emotions in a way to harness the creative power of intention. Leo is asking, what are you creating? 

  1. Take a moment to breath deeply, 8 deep breaths in and exhaling slowly to center yourself. If you find yourself still unfocused or relestless try a 20 minute sea salt or epsom salt bath. Eucalyptus aromatherapy also aids in retivalizing and clarifying.
  2. Begin to think of all the things you love to do, people you love to be around, places you love to visit. Allow yourself a few minutes to get lost in the emotion of love and happiness
  3. Smile!
  4. Ask yourself what you are most in need of right now. Is it regular meditation, deep breathing, 6-8 hours of sleep, connection with nature, a stronger connection with your Creator, a self massage, raw fruits and veggies, exercise, alkaline water, gratitude, etc.? What is it that you are crying out for from within?
  5. Write down all the things, thoughts and feelings that are coming to mind
  6. Still in the emotion of love and happiness, write down why these things are needed and how they will benefit you
  7. Choose the 8 most beneficial, loving, relaxing things from your list
  8. Next comes the elements of the ritual.... When, Where and How will you perform these 8 things for the next 30 days? This is very important! It's useless to say you will exercise daily without knowing what time, where or how. Planning is imperative to your ritual!
  9. Visualize yourself complete each of the task using the when, where and how elements. Does seeing you in action bring a smile to your face? Does it bring about excitement? Are you ready for tomorrow to put things into play? If not, remove and replace the things that you can't "see" yourself, in your mind's eye, completing
  10. Make a commitment to yourself! Reconfirm why you are doing these 8 wonderful, loving things for yourself. Remind yourself of what you are sowing to reap this month. Visualize how you will feel once you complete your ritual. Think about how eager you will be to set your next course of action in play, don't begin thinking about what the next ritual will contain, remain in the NOW yet knowing that you are capable and deserving of this love being shown from within. You deserve to make you happy! You deserve to shower you with love!
Each night prior to bed or while reclining for the night visualize yourself waking up the next morning and completing your ritual. Think of the balance, clarity, confidence and boldness you will achieve by dedicating yourself to yourself as Leo gently asks "what are you willing to give"? 

Leo is the sign of the storyteller, not to be confused with the liar. Pay close attention to the stories you are telling yourself, our world and the people in it are but a reflection of our stories. Narrate stories that inspire you, bring laughter, romance, generousit and creativity your way.

Affrim: I am the source of my power. I illuminate my world. I create my life each day.

Best wishes my fellow story writers :)

Listen to Positive Pursuits - Creating a 30 Day Ritual w/ Lady Dee 

This article was written by Mind Magick Coach and Magick Practitioner Lady Dee who is the hostess of Mind Magick on Culture Freedom Radio. Be sure to tune in each Monday & Thursday @ 9 p.m EST via phone at 347-850-8030 

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