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The Healing Powers of Creative Arts w/ Tameko

Posted by [email protected] on April 24, 2013 at 3:15 AM

Peace & love family :) I had such a spiritually satisfying conversation with Tameko of Divine Minds Worldwide. Whew!! As a lover of dance and I don't just mean spiritual, African drums, etc. I am a lover of dancing altogether so it was a delight to hear Tameko state that dancing is the best way to release negative energy and raise your vibration. Now it makes sense why within my circle, when anyone is down our first solution is "stepping out"... getting our dance on. We touched on music as well and how it either raises your vibration or lowers it, so be careful what you listen to family.


Tameko dropped many jewels for the family tonight, one was "Joy is the Spirit Guide to inner peace". That phrase sang praises within my soul, happiness is temporary. Once you attain that which brings 'happiness' the feeling eases away yet 'joy' is eternal as it comes from within. Our conversation ended with Tameko discussing how she created 'The Temple of Energy Reiki" which I am attuned in and cherish dearly. Be sure to use the link below to listen to tonight's convo and give us your feedback. Listen to Tameko on Mind Magick and visit her website.

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