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2013 Energy and Emotional Shifting

Posted by [email protected] on June 2, 2013 at 2:35 AM

Peace & blessings family! On yesterday we entered the month of June which is still amazing to me as this year has had the most balanced flow for me. This year I have grown in ways that I never could have imagined. I have had my share of energy releasing and healing work done. I have strengthened the connected between my mind, my heard and what I call "my feminine parts", a connection which has suffered in the past with each part of myself desiring something of a different nature. I can recall times when my heart desired to love and embrace a romantic partner while my mind and feminine parts contested each moment. There has been a share of battles between my heart and mind, emotions vs logic, where either direction caused disharmony within. I can truly say this has been my year of 'awareness'. This has been a year in which I've lived in the moment! For once I destroyed the long term goals as well as the need to limit myself years down the line. We reside in a society where the one who doesn't have long term (1+ year) goals are seen as naive, disorganized or lacking direction. Many of the thoughts I have battled with this year, I mean everyone needs to have a clear view of where they are going, correct? Even the GPS requires a destination! This process of eliminating long term goals resulted in a host of emotions coming to the surface, a midst of dis-ease within yet a strong desire to dismiss the "norm". See, this year I began to take my personal power back. My personal power that I have given over to teachers, religious leaders, family, friends, gov't, media and others. Our personal power is the ability to change course when appropriate, personal power is the ability to set your own rules and follow them. So many of us have these long term goals yet we follow the rules of others. Rules saying that you must attend school for the best jobs, the "American Dream"; I've crossed paths with too many miserable beings who are attached to a job they hate because they've accepted the rule of society that they need good benefits and a retirement plan. What are good benefits when you are taking care of yourself on a daily basis? The acceptance that medical benefits are necessary alone ensures that you will fall victim to injury, illness or disease. What you think about, you bring about!


This year I have been granted the ability to set and follow my own rules. Sickness, dis-ease, illness and/or injury are not necessary in my journey therefore I am healed and I am whole. Working 40+ hours a week with a set schedule and intents to retire one day do not move my spirit in a soothing way therefore wealth comes easily and time is of the essence. Does that mean that I do not work? Of course not! We have to begin seeing 'work' for what it is, work is the force of energy. Currency (money) too is energy, hence work (energy) must be put out to reap the equal amount of currency. Work isn't always physical, much energy goes into prayer, meditation, properly enlightening others, accepting and performing healing work, creating be it thru art, music, dance, poetry, etc. All these things are work whether you engage in them for fun or compensation. I've heard so many say they can't make money playing and exploring their passions and of course they can't, you will never override a rule until you shift your mind to do otherwise.


Shift! This year has been one of many shifts, we've experienced solar and lunar eclipses and still have fascinating, high energy shits still to come during the year. 2013 is full of opportunities to acknowledge, accept, heal and shift our thoughts and feelings which brings us to the Mind Magick shift. Mind Magick was birthed September 2012 after months of struggling to find a creative outlet to release knowledge that I've crossed as well as that which has come through me to me. I've never been one who admired an audience and still outside of the show I prefer 1 on 1 conversations therefore the move to create Mind Magick was a force within me that was prompted outside of me. The process of creating this show has been one of self-discovery and transformation that forced me to decide what I desire, when I desire it and what I was willing to sacrifice to get it. At the start of Mind Magick I found myself battling between what Spirit was revealing to me and guiding me towards vs what I felt my peers desired to hear and what would build an audience. When clarity is lacking, it is difficult to stay on path. A path & long term goals are different in that long term goals are centered around doing 1 or 2 things and a path is similar to a mission statement. A mission statement may include healing, teaching others, enjoying life and experiencing abundance yet you aren't forced into being a classroom teacher or doctor. The mission statement is the destination, not what you "become" for you already are who you are trying to be. The roads traveled may change many times, you may change jobs several times, create in numerous ways and cross paths with many yet the mission statement stays the same.


We all need a personal mission statement, not long term goals, in our lives as the mission is your way of life and itself dictates the paths you will need to explore when the time comes. We must learn to be open to change. Life is about changes! We are not all built to be on a job 20+ years, for me 3 years is sufficient. We must be open to change so that we are open to learning, we must come out of our contentment in life and face the things we feel in our hearts and minds to be difficult.... this sparks the path of self discovery. Since September I have done many topics of a spiritual nature from fasting to living in joy. I've had the opportunity to interview over 40 awesome motivational speakers, authors, poets, psychics, healers, life coaches, entrepreneurs and so many others who were living in their passion, living on their purpose. I call it a gentle remainder to set the desire for an audience, desire to share with my peers or fall into the "what's hot" mentality and go back to living in my passion and purpose - Magick!


I am happy to announce on Monday, June 3rd Mind Magick is shifting back to the essence of the force which led me to create this show. Each Monday is Moonday Magick and we will be exploring the Moon forecast of the week to ensure we are maximizing the energies surrounding us this week. I'm very excited about the inspiration for Moonday Magick, very excited!! Monday relates to the Moon and being a Cancer I find myself most emotional, intuitive, open, serene and open on these days. On Moonday Magick we will be exploring Sensual (Sex) Magick and of course Lady Dee's Magick Show will kick off during the 2nd hour. We will still be airing on Thursday's as well... Thoro Thursday's that is. Thursday's energy relates to community, business, transactions, building, etc. making it necessary that we share with you events taking place over the weekend, we will have guests joining us to share their wisdom and deal with issues facing us as a people from a spiritual approach,


I am truly grateful that you are on this journey with me and enjoying Mind Magick, I am looking forward to our continued growth.




Lady Dee

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