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Week of February 10, 2014 Inspirational Message

Posted by [email protected] on February 10, 2014 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Peace and blessings family! Today is Moonday, a very emotional, psychic, feminine, dreamy day AND the Moon is in its home sign of Cancer. Today I am working with my spirit animal Wolf to take a look at the energies surrounding us this week. We truly have a lot going on around us in the atmosphere and here in Atlanta we are bracing ourselves for another round of snow. Here in the south cities generally shut down for a moment of hibernation, so to speak, as we are not accustomed to harsh winter weather.

Funny hibernation is also the energy of the week. This week's energy is beneficial for taking a look at your inner world, your inner reality and seeking guidance from within. As a spiritual reader I am accustomed to being asked a variety of questions ranging from when love will come to what's my purpose in life. I am very well aware that at times we are simply unable to hear guidance or we may need a confirmation to gently sway us into motion. When I speak of seeking guidance within this week, I'm speaking in regards to those things that only you can answer.

What do you believe?

Who are you?

What have you come to realize?

What is the value of life?

What are your dreams?

What are your values?

What is love?

Who do you love?

What do you love about your self?

This week, Moonday, Tuesday & Wednesday particularly is blessing us with the opportunity to retreat slighly from society and explore our most deepest inner depths. When was the last time you had a conversation with yourself? We often enter work places asking others "how are you this morning", when was the last time you looked in the mirror and asked yourself how you are? Have you been still, relaxed and silent enough to check in with your body and your state of wellness? We don't need a doctor to tell us what is 'wrong' with us, we merely need to take the time to check in with ourselves and ask "what do you need most today?".

This weekend we will be embracing the Leo full moon. What a perfect way to emerge into beauty, excitement, love and just an all around good time after a soothing, healing retreat with self. Leo energy comes along to boost our confidence in our authenticity, reminding us that we are more than enough and perfect just the way we are. Leo says be true to yourself, create with passion and follow your highest desires.

What are you passionate about?

Where do you most need balance in your life?

What are you ready to release?

Allow yourself to breath and release what is no longer needed in your journey at this time. You cannot receive when both hands are full, see the beauty in letting go and moving on. Shift your fears and what ifs into 'what can be'. Focus your energy more on what you desire rather than what you don't want. Allow yourself to feel emotions and sort them, deal with your experiences as they come up. Refrain from waiting! Many times waiting makes way to never discussing, which makes way to regret later. Stop holding on to experiences that are not in line with your highest good, speak your truths, set yourself free!

Have a blessed, safe and FUUUUUNNNNN weekend with the two party signs, Aquarius and Leo leading the night on Friday.

Ms Dina is a mystic, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and Makeup Artist in the Atlanta, GA area. She is also hostess of Club Magick which airs Friday's & Sunday's @ 9 p.m EST on Blog Talk Radio. Be sure to tune in for your free spiritual reading, astrology talk, vision quests and much more! For more information and to follow this blog visit http://www.mindmagick.webs.com. Also follow us on http://www.facebook.com/ClubMagick and http://www.twitter.com/LadyDClubMagick

Women's Empowerment Workshops in Atlanta

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Peace & blessings family! I am excited to announce that on Wednesday, January 8th of 2014 we will be kicking off our "Self-Awareness & Creating Prosperity" Women's Empowerment Workshop. I have crossed paths with so many sisters who are suffering mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have had in depth conversations who sisters undergoing extreme emotional pain in abusive love affairs. Many of our sisters are battling heart disease, breast cancer, obesity and diabetes. We have sisters who are under physicans care and being medicated on a regular basis due to depression and hopelessness. This year we are focused on relieving the pain within ourselves as well as within the hearts, minds and spirits of our sisters.

This year we are taking our power back! This year we are moving forward to release the mundance goals of working out for vainity purposes and shifting into making lifestyle changes that allow us to thrive physically throughout this journey of life. We are shifting from the desire to be "needed" in relationships; we overstand that needs can be met by anyone and that love is to be shared between two spiritual beings who "want" to be together. We are shifting from relying on medications to mask the difficulties we are facing in life, we are now ready to face our shadow self, our skeltons so that we may forgive ourselves and others. We no longer need to hold on to years of pain, we are choosing to be free, to be liberated, to be healed!

This year we are practicing healthy selfishness! We know that we must put ourselves before our families, our jobs, our friends, our fears, our limitations and our past pains in order to prosper in life. This journey will not be an easy one! For years we have been programmed to see ourselves as our relationship status, job/degree title, family name or the material possessions we have acquired. We have been programmed to think that love is being willing to die for our loved one's.... I'm here to tell you that love is being willing to live a properous, happy and spiritually enriched spiritual life for those we love.

This year we are on a mission! A mission of self love, self discipline, self reliance, self healing, self control, self knowledge, self improvement, self worth, self value.... self awareness. 

We invite all of our sisters to join us each Wednesday at 7 p.m. The only fee we are requesting is your commitment and dedication to yourself and your personal growth. We will be meeting at Trinity United Methodist Church located at 112 Wilson Ave, Stockbridge, GA 30281. If you are interested in signing up for the workshops please email Dina at [email protected] or contact us via http://www.mindmagick.webs.com. Be sure to invite a sister to invite a sister, we have plenty of room for you!

Dina is a Life & Spiritual Coach, Healer and Fitness Professional specializing in motivating, inspiring and empowering women. Dina assists cleints in Mastering their Destingy and maximizing their full potential in life. We are such powerful spiritual beings! We must learn to embrace our powers rather than running from them. Dina takes pride in letting her hair down, dancing her divine dance and enjoying this beautiful gift called "life". Laughter is medicine for the soul, join Dina to raise your vibration through happiness, self love and spiritual healing.

Wolf Intuitive Reading for Friday, September 27, 2013

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Peace and blessings family.... oh did I forget to say Happy Friday!!!! :D The weekend is upon us, we have made it through the week and hopefully everyone is ready for some fun, fun, FUN. Today our guidance comes via the 9 of Swords. Swords is all about intellect, what are you thinking? 9 is the number of completion, 9 also represents wisdom and responsibility. Be wise with your thinking today, know that you are responsible for each thought that you have and that your thoughts are directly related to your completion (reality).

Just for today, make note of 10 things/people/situations that cross your mind. At the end of the day go back to your list and think about how each thought benefits or limits you. Many times we allow our minds to roam off into lala land in hopes that we'll explore something new about ourselves. An unfocused mind can't reveal anything for it is only giving back impressions made upon it from the outside world.

Just for today, release worry. Don't think about how you are going to pay your bills on Tuesday, don't worry about whose going to keep the kids while you work tomorrow, don't worry about the dis-easethe doctors say is in your body. Just for today explore what it is that you DO desire to happen. We give too much time over to creating disaster and choas in our own lives through worrying. Shift your focus from what you don't want! If you truly don't want it, what's the point of thinking about it? That's like calling a person you'd rather not be bothered with.... it's time to take responsibility for your thoughts and hence your life. No one is going to come along and create permenant happiness in your life, momentary satisfaction yes but it's on you to find ways to enhance your happiness. No one is going to come along and pay all your debts, it's more likely in our dire need that we attract a person who comes and takes the little we do have. You have to see the worthiness in yourself, you have to be in a state of deserving as well as receiving. All things come from Source/God/Creator/Universe/Allah. 

Just for today, find pleasure in you. Do something special for yourself that doesn't cost money. Have a ceremony for yourself standing in front of the mirror and thank each part of you for the hardwork it does, for the unconditional love and the forgiveness. Give yourself a nice, warm sea/epsom salt bath with a few drops of green food coloring. Give yourself a leg and foot massage. Polish your own toes for once. Spend time without yourself and reflect on what you can do to love and nurture you better. This is an excellent way to put your intellect to work, heal yourself and take repsonsibility for your life. HONOR YOU!


Lady Dee

Lady Dee is a gifted Empath, Shamanic Practitioner and Magick Maker sent to spread fun and happiness in the world. She is also hostess of Mind Magick which airs each Moonday & Thursday @ 9 p.m EST on Culture Freedom Radio or listen via phone at 347-850-8030. To learn about her Wolf Readings sessions, Energy healing or upcoming workshops please visit http://www.mindmagick.webs.com

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Wolf Intuitive Reading for Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Peace & blessings family! I know you all feel it coming in the air tonight... the energy this week alone has been EXPLOSIVE! Even nature is experiencing a bit of hot/cold flashes. I've received so many texts and calls, I hear you guys & I am with you.... we gone make it :). The first thing is that you take a moment, right now to sit up straight aligning all of your chakras (energy centers) and inhale slowly. Now exhale just as slowly. I want you to reconnect with your most calm, balanced, abundant, focused self. Time is moving so fast that it seems like we are slipping away from ourselves. It's a rat race to redundancy! Time is showing us just how unsatisfied we truly are, there is a difference between being ungrateful and being unsatisfied. Ungrateful is having all that you desire without recognizing the Source from which it flows, being unsatisfied is you knowing that you are created for greatness yet settling for some chump change. Putting your soul desires aside so that you can stay within your wkly, bi-wkly or monthly pay check comfort zone. 

Let's call this week the "Wheel of Fortune"... this week we are face to face with our own reality. We are watching and experiencing reality television via our own eyes and we are the star of this production. Are you satisfied with what you are watching? Are you anxious to see the next episode or do you have plans on writing the editor? The confusion and all out craziness we are experiencing this week is that of our inner child screaming THIS ISN"T WORKING, THIS IS NOT WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO! LISTEN! We listen to the media, we listen to our parents, we listen to our friends, we listen to strangers, hell we even listen to strangers who aren't even talking to or about us..... question is how often do we listen to ourselves?

Most of us are in dsyfunctional relationships, be it love or socially, just to have something to do. Something other than having to sit down, be quiet and listen to ourselves. We want to go, go, go and go more to avoid the inevitable. This week of "Wheel of Fortune" will not allow you to run, you will spin the wheel, you will face your demons and you will have no choice except to survive. 

Question: Will you use this experience to propel yourself forward, to go within yourself and connect to your soul or will you go through the storm only to continue on your course? This isn't the first shift, nor is it the last. Life gives us the opportunity to select what we desire to do, for those who are undecisiive or willing to submit you will find yourself in this continuous rat race of dissatifaction. Life is a test! Think back to your school days... the test you prepared yourself for were so easy. When you put in work you welcomed test days. Now when you procrastinated, waited until the last minute you arrived at the test site nervous and hoping you'd have multiple choices. That's the Wheel of Fortune! Multiple choices on your test, only thing is that each choice has been selected by you. You are the co-Creator of your life, no one on this earthly plain has more power over your life than you. What you choose to do with that power is up to you! Use your time, your energy and your mind wisely family and remain open/expecting the best.


Lady Dee

Lady Dee is a gifted Intuitive, Wolf Moon Goddess, Empath and Shamanic Practitioner sent to spread happiness and fun in the world. Lady Dee is also hostess of Mind Magick which airs on Culture Freedom Radio each Moonday & Thursday @ 9 p.m EST. Our focus is ensuring that each spiritual being having their human experience 'remembers' their power to be free and utliizes their energy for their Hightest Good. Have questions? Email me at [email protected] and remember the lines of Mind Magick are ALWAYS open at 347-850-8030.

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Teaching Children Spirituality

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Peace and blessings family :) Tonight's topic was Children, Spirituality and Back to School. The topic was taught was brought to my attention by a dear friend of mne who asked how we as parents can assist our children in developing their spiritual practices without pushing them in a certain direction. Wonderful question Ms. Tori!! During Monday's night edition of Mind Magick I shared ways we parents can do all of the above and more.


  1. Give Your Children Options. This is imperative to the process of 'growing up', children need the opporutnity to make decisions as well as reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of those choices. Its important they children and teens learn to make decisions while still under our influence, this is the time to help them realize other options that could have been explored. For younger children this may be as simple as picking out their clothes for the week and allowing them to make their daily selection. Allow them to decide which comfort sets, pictures and colors they want in their living space. With older chidlren allow them to hone their passions, if they love to draw enroll them in local art classes and fairs. If they love music checkout performing arts schools and programs in your area. Encourage them to chase their passions in life rather than just the money and lifestyle.
  2. Teach them! Share all of your knowledge with your seeds, teach them each skill that you have without forcing them to follow your path. Whether you are a barber, hair stylist, accountant, painter, etc. your seeds should be capable of performing those same skills at least on a basic level. Encourage them to be independent! As difficult as it may be considering the saying that "mother knows best", be sure to share your experiences, good or bad, with your children. Were you a teen parent? Share that experience with your child. Share why you felt you were in love, what you were looking for, how the relationship ended if it did as well as the struggles you faced as a result. Have you faced incarceration? Surved in the military? Share all of these experiences to better equip your seed for life.
  3. Allow them to lead grace, prayer and/or meditation. Don't tell them what to say, don't tell them how to do it. Allow them to be in full control and thank them afterwards for such a beautiful experience. Allow them to do this on a regular basis so they learn their spiritually and spiritual practices revolve around what's best for them as well as what makes them feel most peaceful.
  4. Help them learn to express themselves. Communication is key! Teach them how to express their emotions whether angry, sad or happy, they must be able to communicate what they are feeling with others. This was a struggle of mine as a youth, having so many thoughts and feelings concerning classroom topics yet when I attempted to address them I appeared rude and sarcastic to say the least. Encourage them to speak from their heart in a respectful, calm and open manner.
  5. Encourage them to ask questions. Yes, I said it! Encourage them to ask questions to things they desire to know the answer to. The saying "If you are looking for the answer, then you gotta ask the question". That which doesn't sit well with their spirits should be questioned and as parents its our duty to help them find the answers.
  6. Play games! Make childhood fun for them and teach them to always explore fun throughout life. Teach them to play chess or enroll in classes together at your local community center. If they enjoy cards purchase angel or children tarot cards for them to play with to increase their intuition. Coloring books are fun and stress relieving at any age as well as checkers, monoply and others. Find a game & make it your "thing"! Even as they grow continue to engage in that thing, you'll be amazed at how even as adults they'll be looking forward to the game, time and conversations had during your time together.
Be sure to listen to Children, Spirituality and Back to School on Mind Magick w/ Lady Dee now for more tips to explore with your children. Tune in each Monday & Thursday at 9 p.m EST on Culture Freedom Radio


Productive Pursuits: How To Create a 30 Day Ritual

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Peace & blessings family :) The New Leo Moon is upon us reminding us that we are the star of our lives. Yes you, like the Sun, are the center of your Universe. Now is the time to step forward and share your talents, gifts and abilities!

Leo rules our 5th House "House of Pleasures" which includes creativity, fun, romance, kids, self expression, sports, carnivals, glamour, gambling, adventure, theater, drama and excitement. Leo also rules the heart, our heart center is where we create new ideas, inventions and opportunities. 

This Leo New Moon is the most creative moon of the year which is very exciting. Leo is asking us to be bold, be courageous and take chances in a new direction, new friendship and/or new location. 

This month, August which is the 8th month of the year is Ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and the symbol of hardwork. Saturn is also the planet of diligence, self control, limitation, stability, maturity & realism. Saturn is asking are you seeing your projects thru until they are complete? The number 8 is the manager, ambitious, business minded, practical, successful, accomplish, organized and courageous. 8 is also the number of Karma "giving and receiving" or as we must commonly say "reaping what you sow".

With the self-awareness and confidence coming from the Leo, the alignment with Saturn as well as the vibration of the 8th month it only makes sense that we use this time to create a 30 day ritual that will increase our happiness and allow us to connect with our passions. We're talking 8 things for 30 days!! 8 things that you love doing, that bring you pleasure, that give you a sense of accomplishment and that you can see thru until the task is complete.

Now many get nervous upon hearing the word "ritual". We aim to associate the term with all things negative when we all partake in rituals of some form. Think Christmas shopping, parades, wedding & funeral ceremonies, graduations, club meetings, sports events, jury duty & trial and Halloween. 

Rituals focus thought and emotions in a way to harness the creative power of intention. Leo is asking, what are you creating? 

  1. Take a moment to breath deeply, 8 deep breaths in and exhaling slowly to center yourself. If you find yourself still unfocused or relestless try a 20 minute sea salt or epsom salt bath. Eucalyptus aromatherapy also aids in retivalizing and clarifying.
  2. Begin to think of all the things you love to do, people you love to be around, places you love to visit. Allow yourself a few minutes to get lost in the emotion of love and happiness
  3. Smile!
  4. Ask yourself what you are most in need of right now. Is it regular meditation, deep breathing, 6-8 hours of sleep, connection with nature, a stronger connection with your Creator, a self massage, raw fruits and veggies, exercise, alkaline water, gratitude, etc.? What is it that you are crying out for from within?
  5. Write down all the things, thoughts and feelings that are coming to mind
  6. Still in the emotion of love and happiness, write down why these things are needed and how they will benefit you
  7. Choose the 8 most beneficial, loving, relaxing things from your list
  8. Next comes the elements of the ritual.... When, Where and How will you perform these 8 things for the next 30 days? This is very important! It's useless to say you will exercise daily without knowing what time, where or how. Planning is imperative to your ritual!
  9. Visualize yourself complete each of the task using the when, where and how elements. Does seeing you in action bring a smile to your face? Does it bring about excitement? Are you ready for tomorrow to put things into play? If not, remove and replace the things that you can't "see" yourself, in your mind's eye, completing
  10. Make a commitment to yourself! Reconfirm why you are doing these 8 wonderful, loving things for yourself. Remind yourself of what you are sowing to reap this month. Visualize how you will feel once you complete your ritual. Think about how eager you will be to set your next course of action in play, don't begin thinking about what the next ritual will contain, remain in the NOW yet knowing that you are capable and deserving of this love being shown from within. You deserve to make you happy! You deserve to shower you with love!
Each night prior to bed or while reclining for the night visualize yourself waking up the next morning and completing your ritual. Think of the balance, clarity, confidence and boldness you will achieve by dedicating yourself to yourself as Leo gently asks "what are you willing to give"? 

Leo is the sign of the storyteller, not to be confused with the liar. Pay close attention to the stories you are telling yourself, our world and the people in it are but a reflection of our stories. Narrate stories that inspire you, bring laughter, romance, generousit and creativity your way.

Affrim: I am the source of my power. I illuminate my world. I create my life each day.

Best wishes my fellow story writers :)

Listen to Positive Pursuits - Creating a 30 Day Ritual w/ Lady Dee 

This article was written by Mind Magick Coach and Magick Practitioner Lady Dee who is the hostess of Mind Magick on Culture Freedom Radio. Be sure to tune in each Monday & Thursday @ 9 p.m EST via phone at 347-850-8030 

2013 Energy and Emotional Shifting

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Peace & blessings family! On yesterday we entered the month of June which is still amazing to me as this year has had the most balanced flow for me. This year I have grown in ways that I never could have imagined. I have had my share of energy releasing and healing work done. I have strengthened the connected between my mind, my heard and what I call "my feminine parts", a connection which has suffered in the past with each part of myself desiring something of a different nature. I can recall times when my heart desired to love and embrace a romantic partner while my mind and feminine parts contested each moment. There has been a share of battles between my heart and mind, emotions vs logic, where either direction caused disharmony within. I can truly say this has been my year of 'awareness'. This has been a year in which I've lived in the moment! For once I destroyed the long term goals as well as the need to limit myself years down the line. We reside in a society where the one who doesn't have long term (1+ year) goals are seen as naive, disorganized or lacking direction. Many of the thoughts I have battled with this year, I mean everyone needs to have a clear view of where they are going, correct? Even the GPS requires a destination! This process of eliminating long term goals resulted in a host of emotions coming to the surface, a midst of dis-ease within yet a strong desire to dismiss the "norm". See, this year I began to take my personal power back. My personal power that I have given over to teachers, religious leaders, family, friends, gov't, media and others. Our personal power is the ability to change course when appropriate, personal power is the ability to set your own rules and follow them. So many of us have these long term goals yet we follow the rules of others. Rules saying that you must attend school for the best jobs, the "American Dream"; I've crossed paths with too many miserable beings who are attached to a job they hate because they've accepted the rule of society that they need good benefits and a retirement plan. What are good benefits when you are taking care of yourself on a daily basis? The acceptance that medical benefits are necessary alone ensures that you will fall victim to injury, illness or disease. What you think about, you bring about!


This year I have been granted the ability to set and follow my own rules. Sickness, dis-ease, illness and/or injury are not necessary in my journey therefore I am healed and I am whole. Working 40+ hours a week with a set schedule and intents to retire one day do not move my spirit in a soothing way therefore wealth comes easily and time is of the essence. Does that mean that I do not work? Of course not! We have to begin seeing 'work' for what it is, work is the force of energy. Currency (money) too is energy, hence work (energy) must be put out to reap the equal amount of currency. Work isn't always physical, much energy goes into prayer, meditation, properly enlightening others, accepting and performing healing work, creating be it thru art, music, dance, poetry, etc. All these things are work whether you engage in them for fun or compensation. I've heard so many say they can't make money playing and exploring their passions and of course they can't, you will never override a rule until you shift your mind to do otherwise.


Shift! This year has been one of many shifts, we've experienced solar and lunar eclipses and still have fascinating, high energy shits still to come during the year. 2013 is full of opportunities to acknowledge, accept, heal and shift our thoughts and feelings which brings us to the Mind Magick shift. Mind Magick was birthed September 2012 after months of struggling to find a creative outlet to release knowledge that I've crossed as well as that which has come through me to me. I've never been one who admired an audience and still outside of the show I prefer 1 on 1 conversations therefore the move to create Mind Magick was a force within me that was prompted outside of me. The process of creating this show has been one of self-discovery and transformation that forced me to decide what I desire, when I desire it and what I was willing to sacrifice to get it. At the start of Mind Magick I found myself battling between what Spirit was revealing to me and guiding me towards vs what I felt my peers desired to hear and what would build an audience. When clarity is lacking, it is difficult to stay on path. A path & long term goals are different in that long term goals are centered around doing 1 or 2 things and a path is similar to a mission statement. A mission statement may include healing, teaching others, enjoying life and experiencing abundance yet you aren't forced into being a classroom teacher or doctor. The mission statement is the destination, not what you "become" for you already are who you are trying to be. The roads traveled may change many times, you may change jobs several times, create in numerous ways and cross paths with many yet the mission statement stays the same.


We all need a personal mission statement, not long term goals, in our lives as the mission is your way of life and itself dictates the paths you will need to explore when the time comes. We must learn to be open to change. Life is about changes! We are not all built to be on a job 20+ years, for me 3 years is sufficient. We must be open to change so that we are open to learning, we must come out of our contentment in life and face the things we feel in our hearts and minds to be difficult.... this sparks the path of self discovery. Since September I have done many topics of a spiritual nature from fasting to living in joy. I've had the opportunity to interview over 40 awesome motivational speakers, authors, poets, psychics, healers, life coaches, entrepreneurs and so many others who were living in their passion, living on their purpose. I call it a gentle remainder to set the desire for an audience, desire to share with my peers or fall into the "what's hot" mentality and go back to living in my passion and purpose - Magick!


I am happy to announce on Monday, June 3rd Mind Magick is shifting back to the essence of the force which led me to create this show. Each Monday is Moonday Magick and we will be exploring the Moon forecast of the week to ensure we are maximizing the energies surrounding us this week. I'm very excited about the inspiration for Moonday Magick, very excited!! Monday relates to the Moon and being a Cancer I find myself most emotional, intuitive, open, serene and open on these days. On Moonday Magick we will be exploring Sensual (Sex) Magick and of course Lady Dee's Magick Show will kick off during the 2nd hour. We will still be airing on Thursday's as well... Thoro Thursday's that is. Thursday's energy relates to community, business, transactions, building, etc. making it necessary that we share with you events taking place over the weekend, we will have guests joining us to share their wisdom and deal with issues facing us as a people from a spiritual approach,


I am truly grateful that you are on this journey with me and enjoying Mind Magick, I am looking forward to our continued growth.




Lady Dee

A Journey of Transformation from Abandonment to Healing w/ Teresa Morrow

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Peace and blessings family! Spiritual Writer, Author and Poet Teresa Morrow joined us for Wednesday's edition of Mind Magick w/ Lady Dee to discuss her newest book "DISOWNED: A Journey of Transformation from Abandonment to Healing". Teresa shared her story as well the stages of grief she underwent: mistrust, retrospective, abandonment, healing thru forgiveness, self-examination and self love/self truest.


I asked Teresa how she would define self love and she stated "Loving yourself today as you are, flaws and all and accepting that you are always growing". We even asked Teresa what the components of a healthy relationship includes..... Listen to Teresa on Mind Magick and visit her website.

Amplify Your Intuition w/ Dr. Rom Weber

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Peace and blessings family! We started this week's Tuesday edition of Mind Magick with our guest, Sex Therapist turned Psychic Medium Dr. Rom Weber joined us with technique to Amplify Your Intuition. Dr. Rom shared a variety of ways psychic (intuitive) abilities which include visually, hearing, smell and taste. Dr. Rom stated staying centered/balanced plays a major role in intuitive thoughts flowing freely: meditation (being present), exercising, having a sacred space and setting boundaries are a few ways.


I asked Dr. Rom what we should do with the Sagittarius full moon and eclipse this weekend.... Listen to Dr. Rom on Mind Magick and visit her website.

The Paranormal Perspectives of a Mormon w/ Daniel Johnson

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Peace & blessings family :) On tonight's Wednesday edition of Mind Magick w/ Lady Dee we were joined by author and teacher Daniel Johnson to build on the various paranormal perspectives of Mormons (Latter Day Saints). Daniel explained why one can not be saved in the midst of ignorance, the purpose of life which includes gaining/seeking spiritual truths, understanding and developing a relationship with God as well as understanding and helping people. We touched on free will, test and trials in life via temptations and so much more. Listen to Daniel on Mind Magick and visit his website.

Supernatural Sex and The Spiritual Journey of Weight Loss w/ Alfonso De Rose

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Peace & blessings family :) It seems like forever since I've had an opportunity to blog about the wonderful conversations I have been fortunate to have. On last night, which was Wednesday, May 14th we were joined by the passionate & soothing International speaker, Alfonso De Rose, who took us on quite a journey. I'll just say within hours of our convo ending we had scheduled him for yet another upcoming show about a topic Alfonso very briefly touched on yet quickly captivated our audience "Sacred Masculinity".


Alfonso shared with us many reasons behind weight loss being a spiritual journey and how overweight people have been chosen to partake in this special healing process. He explained the difference want and need, when it comes to the pleasures of eating all discussed in his book that will be released Monday, July 15th titled "Make Love With Food and Lose Weight - It's Your Birthright to be Thin!". Alfonso then stepped it up 10 notches as we expounded upon Supernatural Sex, that which connects the spirits of lovers for the ultimate oneness with such passion! Listen to Alfonso on Mind Magick and visit his website.

Go-Givers Get More w/ Bob Burg

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Peace & love family! Tonight we were joined by author and speaker, Bob Burg to discuss his book The Go-Giver on Tuesday's edition of Mind Magick w/ Lady Dee. Bob shared with us the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success:

#1 The Law of Value which sates the value you bring must be more than the payment you take in


#2 The Law of Compensation states that your income is determined by how many people you bring value to


#3 The Law of Influence states your income is influenced by how abundantly you place others interest first


#4 The Law of Authenticity states the most value you have to give is yourself


#5 The Law of Receptivity states the key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving


Be sure to listen to Tuesday's edition of Mind Magick w/ Lady Dee and visit his website.

African American Healthy Self Esteem w/ Ramone Smith

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Peace & blessings family! I am wrapping up from Thursday's edition of Mind Magick and tonight we were joined by Ramone Smith who is a Life & Fitness Coach, Self Improvement Author and Professor to discuss his book "African American Healthy Self Esteem". Ramone gave us examples of healthy vs unhealthy self esteem, the #1 common barrier individuals must overcome and how important diversity is in life. This brother even went in on what 'discipline' is and how it adds to human worth When asked what he desired readers to walk away with after reading his book Ramone stated: human value, pride in being an African American, the ability to take advantage of the opportunities we have in this country, 100% accountability for one's actions and the ability to go against negative opinions around you. Be sure to listen to our conversation on Mind Magick w/ Lady Dee and check this brother out. He has a new book coming this summer as well as a fitness dvd and his Life Coaching business is continuing to thrive. Listen to Ramone Smith on Mind Magick and visit his website.

The Healing Powers of Creative Arts w/ Tameko

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Peace & love family :) I had such a spiritually satisfying conversation with Tameko of Divine Minds Worldwide. Whew!! As a lover of dance and I don't just mean spiritual, African drums, etc. I am a lover of dancing altogether so it was a delight to hear Tameko state that dancing is the best way to release negative energy and raise your vibration. Now it makes sense why within my circle, when anyone is down our first solution is "stepping out"... getting our dance on. We touched on music as well and how it either raises your vibration or lowers it, so be careful what you listen to family.


Tameko dropped many jewels for the family tonight, one was "Joy is the Spirit Guide to inner peace". That phrase sang praises within my soul, happiness is temporary. Once you attain that which brings 'happiness' the feeling eases away yet 'joy' is eternal as it comes from within. Our conversation ended with Tameko discussing how she created 'The Temple of Energy Reiki" which I am attuned in and cherish dearly. Be sure to use the link below to listen to tonight's convo and give us your feedback. Listen to Tameko on Mind Magick and visit her website.

Don't Let The White Girl Win w/ The Super Sistah

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Personal Growth Coach & Author Stephanie Small a.k.a The Super Sistah joined us for Tuesday's edition of Mind Magick w/ Lady Dee. We discussed her new book "Don't Let The White Girl Win". The conversation was a true delight for our listeners. Super Sistah broke down the 5B's highlighted in her book which are: Bias, Brainwashing, Beauty, Baggage and Better giving us some insight behind each. She even gave us a treat in response to the question "What qualities makes a man battleground worthy?". Listen to the Super Sistah on Mind Magick and visit her website.